Clue #1 – 12/08/2021

5, 4, 2, 1 go!

Hello, FRIENDS! Welcome to the first #WallyWednesday and the official launch of Wally’s Treasure HUNT!

Today, we begin a quest that will lead you all over the Internet, into the metaverse and end with the most incredible In-real-life experience! Along the way, you’ll meet new friends, find COOL rewards and try to win a shot at opening my secret vault.

Every Wednesday, I will drop a clue. Some will be on Discord, others on my socials (Instagram, TWITTER, TikTok @ wallysnft). All of them will eventually end up on

Some clues will be easy while some will be pretty tricky. Today’s should give you a TASTE of what’s next. My brother @KingKongtent and I will sometimes quickly reveal answers on Discord to help you along… but other clues will require more effort and detective work on your end. Often times, you will benefit from working together as a community. I was VERY impressed by my friends who teamed up and found the hints in the website video yesterday!

There will also be certain crucial clues that may provide you some kind of… special access. All of these clues put TOGETHER will solve Wally’s Mystery!

Now, for today’s clue! It reveals the name of our first nfts and will give you an idea of where our mystery is headed.

And by the way: today’s clue is somewhere in the text you just read 

Good luck, friends!


P.S: Go check my Twitter account (and hit the follow button if you haven’t already)… I’ll share an extra clue there. Something more… visual. Good luck, friends! Let the adventure begin!

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  1. Code break was taking 3rd letter (from missing #3 at beginning of clue) in each CAP word and using jumble to create the word ORIGINS)

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