Category: Treasure Hunt Clues

  • CLUE #9 – 02/02/2022

    Hello friends,  For my last birthday, I received a wooden box. A box that was passed from generation to generation. It survived many wars, a few storms, deep waves and huge fires.  Inside, there was a key, a riddle and a map.  I used the key, solved the riddle and kept the map.  This is […]

  • CLUE #8 – 1/27/2022

    Hello, friends,  There are secrets in all families. My family My Origins Secrets to save Secrets to die for Secrets to live with And secrets to be afraid of. Some pictures are like history They start before and finish later There are secrets in all families They are all connected There are secrets in my […]

  • Clue #7 – 1/19/2022

    12’21  Hello friends,  The past is never dead. It’s not even past.  Finding his letter was heartbreaking.  For a long, long time,  I couldn’t find the courage to go back to where it all ended.  But all along I knew that it was the only right thing to do.  I read his words.  I found […]

  • Clue #6 – 1/12/2022

    Hello, friends! People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. The present is my past. The past is vast. Lost history is waiting But without memory, the traveller is partially blind. I have realized that the past and the future are […]

  • Clue #5 – 1/5/2022

    Hello, friends! It’s only been a few weeks into my treasure hunt and you already know so much! You’ve learned many, many, things: The name of my first NFT series. More about me and some of my origins. Yesterday, you met one of my ancestors. You still don’t know how brave he was and the […]

  • Clue #4 – 12/29/2021

    Treasure hunting is hard, my friends. A lot of the time, you’ll end up lost, looking for directions. Sometimes, one map won’t be enough. There are no wrong turns. Only paths we did not know we were meant to walk. Trust your steps, they are going in the right direction. Rewards are waiting for you. […]

  • Clue #3 – 12/22/2021

    My dear friends, Welcome to this new edition of Wally Wednesday! Since last week, 🔍wallys-vault has been buzzing with a ton of activity. I see old friends and new faces- I love that! Remember, NOW is the time to all work together, develop skills and organize. NOW is the time to bring in new friends. […]

  • Clue #2 – 12/15/2021

    Hello, @everyone!  Last week you brilliantly solved my first clue. Now, we ALL know that the name of our first NFT project is ORIGINS. And ORIGINS is where our mystery is headed. Origins, origins… I don’t know a lot about mine. I know what happened to my grandfather. I know the street where he grew […]

  • Clue #1 – 12/08/2021

    5, 4, 2, 1 go! Hello, FRIENDS! Welcome to the first #WallyWednesday and the official launch of Wally’s Treasure HUNT! Today, we begin a quest that will lead you all over the Internet, into the metaverse and end with the most incredible In-real-life experience! Along the way, you’ll meet new friends, find COOL rewards and […]

  • Treasure Hunt Introduction

    Hello, Friends! This quest will lead you all over the Internet, into the metaverse and end with the most incredible in-real-life experience! Along the way, you’ll meet new friends, find cool rewards and try to win a shot at opening my secret vault… a vault that is full of interesting treasures from the past, the […]