Clue #2 – 12/15/2021

Hello, @everyone! 

Last week you brilliantly solved my first clue. Now, we ALL know that the name of our first NFT project is ORIGINS.

And ORIGINS is where our mystery is headed. Origins, origins…

I don’t know a lot about mine. I know what happened to my grandfather. I know the street where he grew up and the stairs he had to climb. I know what my father did to make things right and I know where I went, what I did and why I decided to quit.

NOW, I know a little bit more about my family’s secret. This secret is so important that my ancestors had to do EVERYTHING they could to protect it.

The past, the present, the future…

We are all immortal, as long as our stories are told. The stories from my origins are the ones you need in order to unlock my family’s secret and find my vault.

Today, I must tell you a story. For my last birthday, I received a wooden box. A box that was passed from generation to generation. It survived many wars, a few storms, deep waves and huge fires. Inside, there was a key, a riddle and a map. Yes, a map.

To start your quest, you need to know the path. To find the path, you must have a pass. Words or numbers, you need to figure that out. 

I already gave you where to look. Even if it faded in the back.

Work together. Bring a friend and meet new ones. Trust me, you’ll need them. And always remember that the treasure will be well worth you effort, time and dedication.

The end is just the beginning.

Roots are always the first to carry you back home.


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