Clue #3 – 12/22/2021

My dear friends,

Welcome to this new edition of Wally Wednesday!

Since last week, 🔍wallys-vault has been buzzing with a ton of activity. I see old friends and new faces- I love that!

Remember, NOW is the time to all work together, develop skills and organize.

NOW is the time to bring in new friends. You’ll need them later.

NOW is the time to open your eyes, mind and heart- and then (and only then) you will see.

Last week you found 1, 2, 3, 4 new things: The wooden box. Wood comes from a tree. A tree of life. Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be live forwards.

Origins are roots.

My roots are my story.

My story is a mystery. History.

A map, a riddle and a key. You may not appreciate the value of a key until you account the door it locks. Or unlocks.

Hamilton, Wall Street, Port Royal. Nothing happens by accident.

Hamilton. NOThING.

Wall Street. DNA

Port Royal

Your ancestors have brought you to this stage of life. It’s your story and it’s my story.

To solve today’s clue, you need to look back. Go see, watch, read and add.

You have everything you need. Some things, you have found. Some things, I just gave.

Now, it’s time to work TOGETHER. Only then will you be able to see me.


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