Clue #4 – 12/29/2021

Treasure hunting is hard, my friends. A lot of the time, you’ll end up lost, looking for directions. Sometimes, one map won’t be enough. There are no wrong turns. Only paths we did not know we were meant to walk. Trust your steps, they are going in the right direction.

Rewards are waiting for you. The vault could be yours. But, without collecting all the pieces, the puzzle will remain like a mirage locked between the past, the present and the future. Friends, we are all looking for clarity, logic and patterns.

A long time ago, the father of my grand-father’s father thought that all hope were lost. That the secret that my ancestors had been protecting since the dawn of time was forever gone. He started to write down everything he once knew. Pieces and stories. Stories and pieces.

December came and it was my turn. Sometimes, my words are the path. They could lead you exactly where you a trying to go. They are the lighthouse that you will sometimes seek.

Enter the code where they are waiting for you. How? First, you need to listen more carefully. Second, you need to look where words are shared- something is hidden in plain sight there. Third, you need to find what I left in this drop. Finally, you need to go back to where I was born. The missing link is there and will provide you with the right order.


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