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The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

I know now that my quest will be longer than I first thought. The past is vast and the pieces of the puzzle are scattered by the wind, the wars and the words.

My memories won’t be enough- even if sometimes they are exactly what I need. But more on that later.

My journey led me to the most surprising place. I found that my DNA carries some traces of a pirate.

One Eye Wally was the LAST name he used. On June 7th, 1692, he fulfilled his destiny. As the waves drowned the sand, he took every risk to ensure that our secret wouldn’t disappear.

As his ancestors before, he put his own life on the line to save what has been the blessing and the curse of my family.

He barely survived Port Royal. He lost his eye, his fortune and most of his friends. But, in the end, he succeed and the lineage would continue.

Ironically, another dissolution of the nature led me to the path of the grandfather of my grandfather. A hurricane swept another island and decided the fate of Alexander Hamilton.

When he read his words, my ancestor instantly knew that he had to guide his steps. He had to help him accomplish his destiny and provide him with what he needed to sail away.

It started with a few lines in the Royal Danish American Gazette and ended with the foundation of the new Republic. From the bastard brat of a Scots peddler to the Founding Father of the American economy.

The grandfather of my grandfather thought that the secret was safe, but he lost his honour. Nothing happens by accident. NOThING.

The past is vast. Sometimes, you go too far. Too soon.

I knew that I had to retreat my steps. I knew that I had to go through my own father’s secrets.

I see him each time I look at myself. In my face, my hands and my voice.

Our beliefs took us apart. Now, I know that he was right, but back then I rejected all that he was trying to accomplish.

He was not alone, but they were all hiding behind one name. Why? Because they knew just how powerful what they were trying to code was.

Ironically, my father didn’t want to be mistaken for a pirate… when in fact, he was continuing to create what One Eye Wally fought to protect.

It started with 43 zero bits and ended with him vanishing into the void.

I miss the time when I was a kid, when I looked at him and raised my open arms.

My father knew that they had kicked the hornet’s nest and that the swarm was heading towards them. He had to disappear into the shadows. Not because he was afraid, but because he had to protect the secret- just like all of his ancestors. Even my father had to sacrifice his most important treasure.

My ancestors were the past. My father is the present. NOW, I have to find all the remaining pieces. I need them to build the future.


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