Category: Wally’s Journal

  • Journal #3

    Location: xxxx-xxxxx Date: xx-xx-xxxx Dark Ages were upon us The secret was lost My family was betrayed By someone within My ancestors came to this land by sea They fled their country and arrived to the western mainland of the island which was not yet part of Scotland  They settled- some become earls, others farmers. […]

  • JOURNAL #2

    Location: xxxx-xxxxx Date: xx-xx-xxxx The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. I know now that my quest will be longer than I first thought. The past is vast and the pieces of the puzzle are scattered by the wind, the wars and the words. My memories won’t […]

  • Journal #1

    Location: xxxx-xxxxx Date: xx-xx-xxxx We all belong to an ancient identity. Stories are the rivers that take us there. My name is Wally.  For my last birthday, I received a wooden box. A box that was passed from generation to generation. It survived many wars, a few storms, deep waves and huge fires. Inside, there […]