Clue #7 – 1/19/2022


Hello friends, 

The past is never dead.

It’s not even past. 

Finding his letter was heartbreaking. 

For a long, long time, 

I couldn’t find the courage to go back to where it all ended. 

But all along I knew that it was the only right thing to do. 

I read his words. 

I found some answers.

Not all of them, but more than you. 

My dad wrote that I need to accumulate knowledge. 

You need to, too. 

Moving forward is a necessity, but you don’t want to let so many questions stay unanswered. 

They are of great value. 

Reading his instructions provided me with a direction. 

I knew that I had to search where it’s vast and dangerous. 

I had to go to the island. 

To retrieve the tracks of my ancestors and the many battles they fought. 

I had to find the piece of stone. 

Today, you have two paths to solve this riddle. 

For one, you will use numbers. For the other, you’ll need to find what F founded. 

They both will provide you the name to use. 

But be careful… only one is true. 

Good luck NoW.


53 5 59 4

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