CLUE #8 – 1/27/2022

Hello, friends, 

There are secrets in all families.

My family

My Origins

Secrets to save

Secrets to die for

Secrets to live with

And secrets to be afraid of.

Some pictures are like history

They start before and finish later

There are secrets in all families

They are all connected

There are secrets in my family

And there are traitors.

Once upon a time

For many moons

The secret was lost

The power was corrupted

The enemy was within the family.

Once upon a time 

For many moons

The secret was lost

Darkness was upon us

Shame was in my name.

Brave men were waiting

For courage

For justice

For honour.


Tales are more authentic than the truth

They tell what history is afraid to say

Numbers are just numbers. 

They can be wrong, they can be right

It doesn’t matter when truth is like time.











Only one matters

Say it, spell it, use it.

Today there is only one path

Not to find the whole answer

But to find another important piece

Don’t get lost

Be cautious

Don’t rush your steps trying to catch my tracks

As you know, without me… 

The secret dies

But without you…

The secret is lost.


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