Journal #3

Location: xxxx-xxxxx

Date: xx-xx-xxxx

Dark Ages were upon us

The secret was lost

My family was betrayed

By someone within

My ancestors came to this land by sea

They fled their country and arrived to the western mainland of the island which was not yet part of Scotland 

They settled- some become earls, others farmers. But they all remained warriors. 

And they protected the secret. 

They knew about the battles their ancestors fought, won and lost

They knew about the lives given to take it back

From hand to hand, mouth to mouth, ear to ear

They kept it alive and away from our enemies 

But the peril didn’t came from the mountains

It didn’t come from the sea

It was not an army

No sword, no bows, no weapons

Their own blood was running in his veins

He was the son of one of them

He came from within

To destroy everything

He used the secret to maintain his power

and ensure their reign until the son of his great-grand son 

Trouble was in their names even if their spelling was like mine

Dark Ages were upon them

From the forests to the towns

There was no more balance and order

The good knights were waiting

The king was missing

Tales are not what you think they are

Beneath the childish rhymes lies the truth 

Of secrets and forgotten times

Where order was not the same

Where allies were foes and foes were allies

The fight that my ancestors lost and won is all around

Hidden in plain sight, left and right

Carved in stone and drawn on paper

But now back to the dark ages

You can only replace shame with honor

Betrayal with justice

Blood with blood

Months, years and centuries

To conquer, you divide

You cast away

You call them out as outlaws and traitors

You change direction and make what is wrong sound like it is right

The seat was empty

Dark Ages were upon us


But then he came

To fulfill his destiny 

Order and light

Every tree has weak branches

But only the roots matter 

The secret was back where it belongs

And nothing else matters.


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