CLUE #9 – 02/02/2022

Hello friends, 

For my last birthday, I received a wooden box.

A box that was passed from generation to generation. It survived many wars, a few storms, deep waves and huge fires. 

Inside, there was a key, a riddle and a map. 

I used the key, solved the riddle and kept the map. 

This is how it ALL started. 

For me. And for you. 

It was a leap of faith.

For you. And for me.

To start a journey, you need new friends.

I found you. You found me. 

Together, we have formed a band of brothers and sisters.

When you decided to help me and embark on this adventure through our common history, I made just one guarantee: 

Cracking my vault will be worth your time, dedication and effort. 

Now, it’s time to reveal what you are playing for.

But first, you must leave… on a scavenger hunt!

The fight that my ancestors lost and won is all around

Hidden in plain sight, left and right

Carved in stone and drawn on paper

To succeed, you must bring back TRhEE discoveries

The first one is directly linked to what King Kongtent posted yesterday. 

To make it clearer, you need to find what Wilhelm von Kaulbach illustrated.

Then, for your next trip, you will need to cover 4.253,61 km between the ruins near the Zeravshan river and where what today measures 51 × 103.5 cm. 

Finally, your last destination will lead you from a battle that was won by the son of the elder to the place where the grand-son was buried with the father of his own father. There, you’ll find the stones. 

To be the first to know, you must succeed. 

A LOT is at stake.

Time will be restricted.

You have 27 hours to complete your mission.

To help my friends along the way, I can give you up to 3 hints.

But, each one that you ask for will also take away one hour from your deadline.

Remember, your time, dedication and effort will be worth it. 

Good luck and…





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